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October 2019 Program: How to Rig Up For Crappie Fishing with Bob Judkins

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Hagg Lake Crappie
Hagg Lake Crappie caught by Kegan Pankratz

Bob will present his highly successful techniques on how to rig for Crappie. He will also

demonstrate some common and uncommon rigs he uses when targeting both white and black Crappie.

Bob has fished lakes, ponds, and rivers all over the Northwest. He also fishes bass tournaments. Bob knows his stuff. He was a highly successful Crappie fisherman before he joined OBPC 30 years ago. He’s only gotten better and better. You won’t be disappointed.

With his extensive knowledge and expertise in warm water fishing all around, this program is sure to leave you with a few new things to try the next time you're out on the water targeting crappie.

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