General Meeting Program

The Annual Dry Clinic

The Oregon Bass & Panfish Club will hold its Annual Fishing Clinic to show you how to improve your warmwater fishing experience.  This year the event will feature 5 tables with expert speakers about the following topics.

WALLEYE – Tips and Techniques:  Bill Vonderohe will share is knowledge of fishing for walleyes and also show a short video of his technique for cleaning fish.

BASS – Targeting LARGE Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass:  Russ Miyada and Scott Turley will cover general bass fishing topics based on their own experiences and preferences.  This will include methods to fish for largemouth and smallmouth bass, various tackle to use and where to fish for them.



BANK ANGLING - Expert Tips On Maximizing Your Bank Angling Techniques:  Paul Ingraham will talk about bank angling discussing rigging options, tactics and methods on catching a variety of warmwater species from the shore.



ELECTRONICS - Getting the Most Information from Your Electronics:  Gary Harral will have presentation on electronic SONAR.



FISHING LINE and REELS:  Bud Hartman will display the difference between various "fluorescent" lines and "clear" lines.  Lubrication of spinning and casting reels, and his “quick slick” method for attaching snelled hooks to the main line for bottom fishing.