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Summer Picnic at Champoeg

Saturday July 28th 2018, our club had our annual picnic at the Champoeg State Heritage Area. Members started to arrive from near and far late in the morning with delectable contributions to place and share on the picnic tables under the large pavilion. Quite a few quality door prizes were awarded before we got down to some serious feasting and visiting. After awhile it was time to move to the Casting Contest area. There was a small target set up. The object is to cast a weight into the target for prizes. Bullseye is 100 points, with larger concentric rings at 50 and 25 points. One stipulation is that you cannot use an overhand cast. Not so easy. There was lots of good natured heckling which made that much more fun for those of us who didn't do too well. That's the type of club that we are. We really enjoy fishing and we thoroughly appreciate our social events. We can catch up with old and new friends alike.

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