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2019 Silver Lake Fishing Report

By Roger Luce, Ex Bass Guide

I put the boat in the water in the dark. I picked up a Club member (Duane) at 4:40am at first light. During the summer, Silver Lake bass are notorious for biting very well EARLY in the morning. We started fishing one of my favorite spots on the north side of Waldon Island. We got one bite and zero fish. We next moved to a house on a rocky point on the north shore of Silver Lake. The area has tons of lily pads not far away. We got three bites and one nice bass around two pounds off the bulk head on the side of the house.

We then ran to the southeast side of Waldon Island near the dock where I had landed a nine-pound bass in the past. We got one bite and no bass. We then moved not far from Silver Lake Motel and Resort. We worked our way to "Roger's Rocks” where I caught my biggest bass of the day. (Refer to the Silver Lake Map attached to the June bulletin email). We then ran all the way to the far northeast end of the lake and fished by the road. We got only small bass in this area.

We fished a few other areas with a few small bass as the result. We caught most of the bass on the Ned Jig with a TDR trailer. We also got some bass on a 100 series Bandit crank bait in blue back chartreuse sides. There was a cold front condition the previous day that impacted the bite on Saturday. The bite should have been much better on Sunday, but I was not at Silver Lake that day.

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