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2019 OBPC Silver Lake Fish-In Recap

By Rhine Messmer, Activities Director

The OBPC Silver Lake outing attracted a great turnout of Club members who took advantage of Washington’s Free Fishing Weekend. Silver Cove RV Resort welcomed Club members with warm chocolate chip cookies at check-in. A great way to start the weekend outing.

Unfortunately a cold front was passing through and brought wind and rain. Fishing was good but catching was slow but picked up as the front passed. Anglers with fishing experience on the lake did catch a few fish, but all anglers gained valuable insight on how to catch the crappie and largemouth bass lurking in the lake. The Club will have another outing at Silver Lake on October 26th when the crappie pile into the canals and catching them becomes much easier.

The hot dog feed was very well attended with 45 club members enjoying BBQ hotdogs, cold watermelon and delicious strawberry shortcake. Fishing tales were shared among Club members along with a few photos of anglers smiling with their catch. There were also stories of boating mishaps including a very close encounter with “Roger’s Rocks” (now also known as Rhine’s Rocks) and multiple groundings on tree stumps and old pilings. We were definitely “on” the structure.

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