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2019 Boardman Campout and Fish Fry

The Boardman Campout had a combination of beautiful days and windy afternoons. Walleye were few and far between with only a few boats registering success. With the overfishing of walleye in the Boardman area as a result of the removal of limits, anglers had to be satisfied with channel catfish and perch.

Below Pictures:

Left: Bob with a crappie caught off of the marina dock. Center: Following fishing, many members went to the traditional Friday night dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant. Right: Mark with his first channel catfish.

Above Pictures:

Left: The Saturday potluck was a fish fry orchestrated by Dale Hubert. Dale introduced us to her Louisiana style yellow mustard and cornmeal fish coating and hushpuppies. Don, Herb and Bill cooked enough fish for the Saturday potluck and some extra for the Sunday night Leftover Potluck and Hamburger Night. Tim and Jim were the burger chefs on Sunday.Center: Thirty one members enjoyed the Saturday Fish Fry and Potluck. Right: Dale with a nice walleye.

A boat was not necessary to catch Pin Fish in Boardman this year. The most prolific fishing area was on the Boardman Marina Dock. A total of seven Pin fish were caught during the Boardman Campout, the majority caught in the marina. Definitely a reason to sign up for next year’s campout!

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